Ecoagro Group

Ecoagro was founded in 2007 by a group of professionals who had been working specifically with financial transactions in the agribusiness industry for over a decade. After having established itself successfully in the market, it created holding company Eco Participações S.A. in 2013.

The Group specializes in designing and structuring financial transactions, and its main goal is to link the agribusiness production chain and the capital markets.

Transactions structured by Ecoagro Group serve both the needs of investors for profitability and security, and the demand from farmers and agribusiness companies for resources to fund and trade their crops using the financial instruments available in the market, respecting the operating cycle of the production chain.

The Ecoagro Group consists of holding company Ecoagro Participações S.A. and three wholly-owned subsidiaries that directly operate the businesses, as follows:

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1994 August

The CPR (Rural product note, physical delivery) is created by Law No. 8,929.

2001 February

The CPRF (Rural product note, financial settlement) is created by Law No. 10,200.

2004 December

The CDA/WA (Agricultural Certificate of Deposit, Agricultural Warrant), LCA/CDCA (Agribusiness Credit Bill, Agribusiness Credit Right Certificate), and CRA (securities backed by agribusiness receivables) instruments are created.

2007 May

Ecoagro - Empresa de Consultoria de Operações Agropecuárias Ltda. is founded, focusing exclusively on the agribusiness industry.

2009 April

Eco Securitizadora de Direitos Creditórios do Agronegócio Ltda. (Ecosec) is founded, the first securitization company focused exclusively in the agro sector.

2009 August

Eco Securitizadora, pioneer in the agribusiness securitization market, issues the first CRA series, targeted to the sugar and ethanol market.

2010 March

Eco Gestão de Ativos Ltda. (EGA) is founded. The company specializes in structuring and managing funds that invest exclusively in agribusiness credit rights.

2013 January

Eco Consult Consultoria de Operações Financeiras Agropecuárias Ltda. (Eco Consult) is founded.

2013 January

Ecoagro Group’s holding company is formed (Ecoagro Participações S.A.), consisting of three companies: Ecosec, EGA, and Eco Consult.

2013 December

Ecosec closes 2013 with over R$1 billion in CRA issues, remaining the leader in financial volume, number of issues, and market share.

2013 December

EGA has already paid back 100% of the principal amount invested by the senior shareholders, and continues managing the Eco Multi Commodity Fund.

Eco Consult

The company concentrating the Group’s knowledge and operational intelligence.

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Eco Securitizadora

Founded in 2009, the company securitizes agribusiness assets through CRA issues.

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Eco Gestão de Ativos

EGA was founded in 2010 to manage investment funds and portfolios focused in the agro sector.

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