Principal Professionals

Here is a brief description of Ecoagro’s principal professionals:

Strategic Partners

Moacir Ferreira Teixeira Executive Partner – Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Faculdade Oswaldo Cruz, with more than three decades of experience in the financial market at institutions such as Banco Iochpe, Banco Credibanco, Banco Mercantil de Descontos, Banco Daycoval and Banco WestLB. At the end of the 90’s, he served as Financial Director at the Banco Cooperativo do Brasil (Bancoob), focused on agribusiness. He developed products specifically for the agribusiness sector, such as the Rio Bravo-AGRO Fixed-Income Fund (Rio Bravo Investimentos), the Santos Livestock Fund, for Banco Santos, the first operation involving LCAs (Agribusiness Letters of Credit) for Banco Fibra and the first CDCA (Agribusiness Credit Rights Certificate) for Banco Banif. Founding partner of Ecoagro.

Douglas de Albuquerque Member of the Board of Directors and Strategic Committee of Ecoagro Group. CEO of Eco Participações. Joined the company in 2009 as executive partner. Extensive experience in Management, was General Manager of Westinghouse of Venezuela, International Director of Westinghouse Services Division and CEO of Eaton Electrical (South America). Graduated in Electrical Engineering by Mackenzie University.

Milton Scatolini Menten Member of the Board of Directors and Strategic Committee of Ecoagro Group. CEO of Eco Securitizadora. Joined the company in 2009 as executive partner. Extensive experience in Planning and Management, was CEO of Eaton Electrical (South America) and Eletromar (JV between Eaton Electrical and Hager-France). Graduated in Electrical Engineering by Mauá Institute of Technology and postgraduate in administration by FGV – Fundação Getulio Vargas.

Cristian Fumagalli Lawyer with a Bachelor of Law Degree from the Faculdade de Direito in São Bernardo do Campo and currently studying L.L.M. in Financial and Capital Markets at Insper. Cristian began his career at the São Paulo Commercial Registry and joined the Rayes, Sevilha & Buranello Law Office working in the areas of Corporate and Agribusiness Law and later at the Buranello & Passos Office in the areas of Capital Markets and Agribusiness. In 2008 he was hired by the Ecoagro Group to work in structuring agribusiness financial operations and, in 2009 became an associate.


Roberta Crespilho

Operations – Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching with emphasis in Human Resources from Universidade Mackenzie and graduate degree in Business from FAAP. Worked in several financial institutions, beginning her career in 2004 at Banco Santos. In 2005 went to Banco Fibra, working on structuring of agribusiness operations and, in 2006 was hired by BCAgro Consultoria e Planejamento Econômico Ltda., to assume a position in operational structure to formalize financial operations. Associate of Ecoagro Group since 2007.

Danilo Beretz Aren

Risk – Served as Agribusiness Analyst from 2006 to 2007 at Vision Brazil Investments, and from 2007 to 2009 at Union Capital Agro Consultoria Ltda., in structuring financial operations with agricultural assets for agricultural producers and enterprises. Associate of the Ecoagro Group since 2009. Studied Agricultural and Environmental Engineering and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness Management from the Universidade Federal de Viçosa-UFV, and a graduate degree in Financial and Risk management from FIPECAFI/USP, in São Paulo.