Advantages of investing in the agribusiness industry

Exclusive asset class: As part of the alternative investment strategy, the agribusiness industry gains ground in investors’ global and domestic portfolios, mostly by speeding up food safety strategies.

Investment diversification: These assets have attractive returns and low correlation to other asset classes, helping mitigate portfolio risks.

High governance standards: Investors are protected against management and governance risks.

Tax benefit: Transactions can be made with assets that are exempt from income tax.

Preservation of capital: Using sophisticated structures that prioritize the security of the investment, such as the conditional sale of land, the capital markets’ agribusiness segment evolves strongly aligned with the capital preservation strategy.

Strict risk control: Ecoagro’s primary guideline is for credit performance. For that purpose, we use proprietary tools to actively manage credit risks and mitigate climate and crop performance risks, in processes led by a team of highly qualified professionals.

Transparency: Ecoagro provides information and full transparency on all its transactions to investors and the market as required by the CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) and other regulatory authorities.