Eco Consult

The Group’s company that concentrates our knowledge and operational intelligence, with a highly qualified team of professionals that provide tailor-made solutions and ensure an efficient decision-making process. The development and management of our products and services are monitored by specific and distinct committees. These committees are responsible for the products’ operation, identifying opportunities, minimizing and controlling risks, optimizing results, and ensuring that our operations comply with our Corporate Governance and Compliance principles.

Eco Consult’s operations are based on well defined pillars: a strong structure, strict credit analysis, expertise in assessing agricultural risks, close monitoring of farmers, and a team of experts in the agribusiness sector.

Credit: This area determines credit policies and criteria, creates profiling tools and models, and is responsible for credit scoring.

Operation Structuring: This area is responsible for formalizing legal instruments, registering assets with government agencies, dealing with third party service providers, and settling transactions based on contracts, certificates, and technical appraisals and reports.

Legal: This area is responsible for evaluating the legal aspects of transaction structures and providing legal assistance for the whole operation, assisted by specialized organizations with high credibility and well-known in the market.

Risk: This area is in charge of evaluating and monitoring payment capacity, and for designing and implementing tools and techniques for the dynamic evaluation of risks and performance.